One in ten children will be the victim of sexual abuse. One in three boys and one in four girls will be the victim of physical abuse.

Here in Frederick County, the number of abused children served at the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) has continued to trend up. Last year, 77% of the children referred to CAC were victims of sexual abuse. Several of the children had experienced more than one type of abuse. Two-thirds of the children served were females. The majority of the children seen were between the ages of 7 and 12.

Child abuse is a community problem and it will take a united community response to end it. Zero tolerance is our goal.

We are the Friends of the Child Advocacy Center, an all volunteer non-profit organization. Our members come from various backgrounds but share a common passion and focus.

We raise funds and donate thousands of hoursĀ  annually to:

  • increase awareness of child abuse and neglect in Frederick County and help to prevent it
  • support the CAC programs and the children and families it serves
  • make sure these young survivors have the opportunities and resources to heal and rebuild their lives

Our organization helps by meeting needs that continue beyond the scope of the local government-specialized and therapeutic classes and services for the physical and emotional long-term well-being of the children. We assist with gift cards for food, gas, and clothing, when needed. We also step up to help fill any immediate needs or provide funding to supplement CAC services.

Each April we sponsor National Child Abuse Prevention activities throughout Frederick County. Year-round we work to educate, inform and involve our community.

Join us in giving a voice to child abuse awareness and prevention through your participation and sponsorship.