Blue Worship Weekend

April 27 – 29, 2018

We invite your house of worship to participate in Frederick’s Blue Worship Weekend, a time to pray for our children and raise awareness during National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Ways to Participate

  1. Pinwheel Garden: Plant a Pinwheels for Prevention Garden in a green space at your place of worship and explain the significance of the pinwheels. Children and youth enjoy this! We will provide you with some pinwheels, at no charge.
  2. Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to spread the word.
  3. Website: Post information about the planned activities and fact sheets available from the Friends of the CAC.
  4. Special Prayer: Say a special prayer for children and those who protect them during your service. Last year, Trinity United Methodist Church included readings by church youth during its Blue Worship Weekend service.
  5. Bulletin Inserts: Place an insert announcing the Blue Worship Weekend about a month in advance. Distribute a second insert during your day of worship the last weekend of April.
  6. Newsletters: Include similar information about the event and more detailed information on the need for more awareness in our community.
  7. Posters and Ribbons: Engage children/youth in creating posters to display and in making blue and white ribbons to hand out at your observance.
  8. Outdoor Messages: If you have an outdoor marquee or digital sign, put up information on Blue Worship Weekend observance.
  9. Child Abuse Prevention Month Activities: Encourage your congregation to join in other planned events-Wear Blue Friday, Children’s Day in the Park, City and County Proclamation, and to help raise awareness in their places of business and among their friends and family. Click here to view the full calendar of events 

Materials to Download

Keep us in the loop!

If you do participate, please send us a photo and a brief write up so we can share your participation with the rest of the Frederick community on our FaceBook page and publicly acknowledge you as an advocate for child abuse awareness and prevention.

History of Blue Worship Weekend

The National Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children began in 1994 with 20 churches participating. Today the Blue Sunday observance on the last Sunday of April has grown to include over 7 million participants on five continents.

The Friends of the Frederick Child Advocacy Center decided to bring this focus to the Frederick community in 2016. We changed it to be a Blue Worship Weekend to make it more inclusive of all communities of faith.

Contact Us

For more information and to order pinwheels, please Contact Us.