Ways to Participate


Here are some things communities of faith can do to raise awareness and remind their worshipers that protecting children is everyone’s responsibility. The Friends of the Child Advocacy Center can provide templates and artwork for the materials listed below.

  1. Special Prayer: Say a special prayer for children and those who protect them during your service. Last year, Trinity United Methodist Church included readings by church youth during its Blue Worship Weekend service.
  2. Bulletin Inserts: Place an insert announcing the Blue Worship Weekend about a month in advance. Distribute a second insert during your day of worship the last weekend of April.
  3. Newsletters: Include similar information about the event and more detailed information on the need for more awareness in our community. Click here to download a sample article
  4. Website: Post information about the planned activities and fact sheets available from the Friends of the CAC.
  5. Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to spread the word.
  6. Posters and Ribbons: Engage children/youth in creating posters to display and in making blue and white ribbons to hand out at your observance.
  7. Pinwheel Garden: Plant pinwheels in a green space at your place of worship and explain the significance of the pinwheels. Children and youth enjoy this!
  8. Post Outside Messages: If you have an outside marquee or digital sign, put up information on Blue Worship Weekend observance.
  9. Child Abuse Prevention Month Activities: Encourage your congregation to join in other planned events-Wear Blue Friday, Children’s Day in the Park, City and County Proclamation, and to help raise awareness in their places of business and among their friends and family. Check out the calendar of events as we continue to add activities and events throughout the community.