Friends of the Child Advocacy Center

Child Abuse Prevention in Frederick County, Maryland


My mom and I have been super busy lately 😵 So far this calendar year, I’ve accompanied 112 children during forensic interviews! I think the kids like having me there, although sometimes I fall into a deep sleep and snore. It’s a little embarrassing, but also seems to add a small distraction to a tough conversation.

I’m also excited to report that Mom and I got to present our Reading with Heiress program at the Boys and Girls Club in July! We met with two groups of kids and had a great time reading with them. I only had one library event before that crazy pandemic thing, but we’re excited for a fresh start to the program. These events are so much fun because I get to be the star of the show and help kids learn about their bodies. Mrs. Robin is making plans for us to present at most of the county libraries this Fall!

The last bit of news is a little personal and I hope it can be kept between our close CAC Friends and Family. I turned SIX this July. Can you believe it?! I still feel young and am in great physical shape. I hate getting on the scale at the doctor’s office, but my veterinarian celebrated me this time. I had gained a few unwanted pounds, but Mom has helped me get back to a healthy, working weight.

Mom and I are thankful for your support with my care. The financial support helps me eat well and get all the necessary items to keep me looking great & feeling comfortable at work. I recently got a cool new collar that is washable AND comes with a variety of bows/accessories to keep me feeling beautiful!

Hope to see you soon!

🐾 Heiress (and Kristen)