Friends of the Child Advocacy Center

Child Abuse Prevention in Frederick County, Maryland


Hi Friends!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. It was nice to have some time off with my family and I had fun at all the holiday work parties, too! As usual, it has been super busy around here. In addition to supporting many children during forensic interviews, we finished out our first full library tour for 'Reading with Heiress!' I loved seeing all the libraries around the county and helping to teach children about body boundaries. I also got to meet TWO new dog friends, Josiah and Duke. Josiah is a Facility Dog like me and Duke is an Electronic Detection Dog ... fancy, huh! I'm glad that Duke works close by. I think we'll become great friends!

The biggest news ..... Mom says we're taking an airplane to California soon! I'm excited but also nervous since I've never flown before. But, I know I'll meet a lot of new friends in San Diego and I'm excited to help mom and Robin teach others about the work I do and why EVERYONE should have a facility dog on their team! Wish us luck and, as always, thanks for all your support!

🐾 Heiress (and Kristen) 

Anyone who is familiar with the CAC knows that Heiress gives the children a great sense of comfort and helps in their healing from the trauma they've suffered from abuse. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we've purchased a mini version of Heiress for them to take home. These are already a huge hit and puts a big smile on their faces!  

For an introduction to the CAC's assistance dog, Heiress, please visit the link below. County Spotlight: Heiress

Kristen Dunn, Heiress' handler, provides information of her and Heiress' roles at the CAC. Heiress is a very important member of the CAC team in supporting the children and families who experience abuse.